Why visit King of Peace online?

COVID-19 has presented some interesting challenges for an organization that highly values community and life together. One way we have addressed that concern is to take our services online. You can visit us on our Facebook page. Each week we will do a Sunday service using a Facebook Watch Party. We are doing this to ensure we can have a time when we can all get together and interact, ask questions, hear a message and even sing along with the music at home.

Once you visit us, you can leave your contact information and we can let you know how you might get connected with our Community Groups. Community Groups are how we get to know each other at a more personal level. It is where we share the Christian life together. Our community groups are meant to be like family. While a number of us have already established those relationships over the last year, we are eager to add new people to our church family. To help us gather together still we are using Zoom meetings for our Community Groups. Until we are able to gather together again in person, this is a great way to let you group know your needs, share what God is doing in your life, and care for one another.

Want to know more, feel free to contact us via Facebook or via the contact form here on our website.


What to Expect in our Online Service

At a Sunday online gathering, you can expect to be welcomed to the group by people who are happy to see you and look forward to exploring the Christian faith with you.

Once the service starts, you can expect that we will Welcome everyone, ask the Holy Spirit to join us wherever we are logged in from and then read from the Bible. We will then sing three or four songs. Lyrics will be posted earlier, so that you can sing at home also. If it is your first time attending a church service – please feel free to ask questions right there on Facebook. We will do our best to answer them quickly or at the end of the service. We will also take a few minutes to just update everyone on any happenings that the group needs to know and then pray for various topics as a church.

Later, we will listen to a message from the Bible that helps us understand who God is, how we relate to him though his son Jesus, and how we are to live as Christians today. After we explain the scripture for that day, you will see us sing and pray a little more.

After the message, all those who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and who are following him, and now follow him, will share in Communion. There, in the sacrament of Communion, we remember what Jesus did for us. The bread represents his body being broken on the cross for us for our healing. And the juice reminds us that he shed his blood for our peace with God. Finally we will say a blessing over all gathered and end that part of our gathering.

Questions. If you have any questions about what you see or what you experience, please ask. We love questions!