A disciple is one who follows the practices and teachings of someone. We are disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship isn’t a program, so much as away of life. While there can be programmatic events, such as Alpha or outreach events, it is our intention for each follower of Jesus to disciple someone. Our hope is that and while there can be programmatic elements, discipleship happens as we walk through life’s events together and learn to respond in a way that reflects Jesus and glorifies God.

We believe that discipleship is accomplished through many contexts.  One primary means of discipleship occurs though our community groups. As believers we are to live in regular relationship with other believers.  Our community groups are designed to develop deep and lasting relationships that will allow you to regularly use your gifts. There you will minister to others and be ministered to by others. In our community groups, you friends will pray with you, laugh with you, mourn with you, and when required, gently correct you (and we all need that at times).  Within Community Groups you may have men’s and women’s prayer groups, accountability groups, and one on one opportunities for mentoring. As we live life in relationship together, facing life’s challenges and opportunities, we help one another grow in faith.

Community group leaders help us walk through those challenges in a way builds our faith in Christ, encourages the church, draws unbelievers, and ultimately glorifies God.  Ultimately, our Community Group leaders seek to point each person to the gospel.

In addition to our community groups there will be other opportunities for discipleship through outreach events in which we serve in our community, classes on church doctrine or books of the Bible, and through courses like Alpha, Exploring Christianity, or World Perspectives in Missions.

For those who feel called to leadership and would like to further explore that, please talk with the pastor to discuss next potential steps.