Giving & Serving


Giving transactions are handled via Planning Center Online, a trusted, secure site that allows you to designate gifts as a tithe, offering, or to a specific fund. It’s easy to create and safe to use an account using your checking account (ACH), debit, or credit card. Our giving is currently handled by King of Grace Church, so be sure you select “King of Peace Church Plant” as your designation.


Worship Team – We are now looking for people to be part of the worship team. See Nick Lilley if you are interested in being a part of the team.

Children’s Ministry – As we grow we will develop begin gospel centered ministry for children during our corporate meeting. If you are interested in participating in Children’s Ministry please see Mike Lilley.

Finance Team – The finances of the church are a key service ministry. We want to be sure that we are appropriately budgeting, managing, saving, and spending the money we have been given. If you are interested in being part of the Finance Team please see Mike Lilley.

Hospitality Team – This is an essential front door ministry that can make or break a first impression of our church. This ministry also organizes care for individuals and families in the church that need various types of help like meals, assistance with house cleaning, grocery shopping etc., due to sickness, childbirth, or some other life event where the church can assist them for a period of time.

Volunteering in Salem

We want to encourage all our attendees, members, and community groups to participate in ongoing volunteer opportunities throughout the city. We believe that we should be taking the gospel into every place we go.

1 Peter 3 tells us that we should be blessing, doing good, and pursuing peace in our communities and volunteering in various organizations in our city is a great way to do that. We don’t feel that we need to create volunteer opportunities if they already exist in other organizations. The places you volunteer in are just one more place where you have the opportunity to make disciples as you go while you are being a blessing, doing good, and pursuing peace in our city.

IF there is a need that no one is filling then certainly, we will look at how we can make a difference.