Community Groups

Our community groups are central to life and growth in our church. Community groups meet in people’s homes and are one of the primary places where you will develop deep and personal relationships with other people in the church. These are the people we hope you will get to know, trust, and love. These are the people who you will walk through life with as you are a part of King of Peace.

These groups are meant to be missional communities. What we mean by missional is that all believers in Jesus Christ have been given a mission to make known the good news of his life, 

These groups are  discipleship communities. A disciple is one who follows the practices and teachings of someone. We are disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship isn’t a program, so much as away of life.  Our desire is for each follower of Jesus to disciple someone.  While there can be programmatic groups, discipleship happens best as we walk through life’s events with other believers and learn to respond in a way that reflects Jesus and glorifies God.

These groups are fun. We like to hang out, eat, and do things together. Yes we do meet to teach, learn, pray, and worship God together, but we also like to get together to have cookouts, game or movie nights. We are friends and we like it that way.

Meet the Team


Mike Lilley

Mike lives on Ocean Avenue in Salem with his wife Enza and youngest son Ethan, who recently graduated Essex Technical High School as an apprentice electrician.  Mike retired from the Army in 2009 and after a few years working for the government left the Maryland to begin work as the Administrator and Outreach Coordinator for King of Grace Church (the church that is sending out Mike and the team to start a church in Salem). Mike also worked for the last three years at SaviorLabs LLC, most recently as the Vice President of Sales. Over the last 20 years he has served in many roles in churches such as small group leader, deacon, elder, and pastor.  Mike got his Master’s of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and has served on the Pastoral Staff at King of Grace Church since 2015. Mike also enjoys fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

Shawn Woo

Shawn serves as the Lead Pastor for Trinity Cambridge Church and is one of the “borrowed” elders of King of Peace until we have our own plurality of local elders.

Shawn lives in East Cambridge with his wife, Hanna, his four-year-old daughter Inae, and a one-year-old daughter Inji. He earned his B.A. in Classics and History from Williams College in Williamstown, MA, and his Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA. He has served in various ministries over the last 10 years, including as the Regional Liaison for North America for the Lausanne Movement, Research Intern for the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, and Volunteer Staff Worker for InterVarsity. However, his primary passion has always been the local church. Shawn served on the Pastoral Staff of King of Grace Church in Haverhill, MA from 2011-2015, and was sent out to start Trinity Cambridge Church. He is a board game enthusiast and an ardent Patriots fan.